Sunday, November 11, 2007

Halloween Pics

So this was Will on Halloween. He was a boxer and was so cute. He actually went up to the door and said"twick or tweat" So adorably and boy does he take after his daddy when it comes to his muscles! Ha!
The pic below was at the Fall parade for Mother's Day Out at Yorktown Baptist Church. We dressed him in a frog costume that his buddy Jackson let him borrow last year and it was HUGE! He was so cute, and I could only get pictures of him from behind. I had to walk behind him so he wouldn't see me. He would've freaked out if he saw me. My sweet Froggie! His teachers must have taught him what a frog says, because he came home saying "ribbit, ribbit" Too cute.
Stay tuned for some pics of my San Francisco trip!


Twisting his arm said...

He is adorable!

~April said...


Alene said...

Hey girl, I think it is time for an update! love ya