Sunday, November 11, 2007

Halloween Pics

So this was Will on Halloween. He was a boxer and was so cute. He actually went up to the door and said"twick or tweat" So adorably and boy does he take after his daddy when it comes to his muscles! Ha!
The pic below was at the Fall parade for Mother's Day Out at Yorktown Baptist Church. We dressed him in a frog costume that his buddy Jackson let him borrow last year and it was HUGE! He was so cute, and I could only get pictures of him from behind. I had to walk behind him so he wouldn't see me. He would've freaked out if he saw me. My sweet Froggie! His teachers must have taught him what a frog says, because he came home saying "ribbit, ribbit" Too cute.
Stay tuned for some pics of my San Francisco trip!

Monday, October 22, 2007

While you were out!

A couple of weeks ago I decided to suprise Bryan with a much needed new look for our bedroom. With the help of my friends Terri and shannon, we got it done and Bryan was extatic! he continues to walk in the room and say "I LOVE MY ROOM!" The pic above is before and below are after! We had such a great time! I think I enjoyed the fellowship with friends more than anything! I'll be starting my living room in a couple of weeks! Can't wait for that!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Pumpkin Patch

So we went to the Pumpkin Patch over at Asbury United Methodist church and had a blast! We took our neices and Nephews with us! Here is a cute pic of Will with his pumpkin he picked out! Yes, Yes, Yes... We found our camera! Thanks to our Beautiful friend who cleans our house(once in a while) It must have been under a pile of who knows what.?. I really want to post some more pictures, but Blogger is having problems with uploading them.....More to come, I promise!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Been way too long!!!!!

Sorry guys! I guess I've been so busy lately! Well.... here is a quick update on what's going on with me!
Grandma is in rehab (getting better slowly, but surely!)Will and I LOVE mother's day out! Tippi Toes is amazing! I get to teach along side of Miss Sarah who was born to do this!and the lil girlies are so precious!
All is good on the homefront! My friends Terri and Shannon helped me re-do my bedroom! It looks Awesome! I will post before and after pics as soon as I can get ahold of a camera!(UGHHH.... we lost ours!)
Will is going to be a Boxer for Halloween this year! He looks adorable in his costume with his artificial six pack abs! Halloween is going to be so much fun this year because he is actually going to somewhat know what is going on!
I have another cousin getting married in November and(YES, I will do the spray on tan again!) Her Matron of Honor and I are taking her on a trip in two weeks to celebrate her upcoming wedding! I am thrilled about that!
Well... thats about it...... Oh...I've been doing a diet for the past 10 days and it has been great! Fruits and veggies, oats and berries... some fish! I've lost about five pounds. I really can tell my clothes are fitting differently! Thank goodness! I've got to fit into a brides maid dress AGAIN!!!!
Love to you all!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Tippi Toes

So my good friend Sarah has invited me to take on a part time position(starting tomorrow)as a dance instructor for the Tippi Toes Dance Company. I am so honored to be able to work for her. She and her husband Adam are some of the neatest and most successful people I know! Sarah has a passion for dance and children and is VERY good at it! She and Adam just wrote a Children's book that was just published. It is incredible! Their book has been animated and they are going to start their own children's show that I know is going to be picked up by PBS Kids,Nickelodean or Disney! She just finished the Tippi Tunes CD (of which I got the pleasure to sing on) and it turned out great! Will(I kid you not)knows most of the songs already and he is only a year and a half old. Listen to it and you will have the songs in your head all day! You can purchase it on their website at
I would highly recommend anyone who has little ones to enroll their girls(or boys) in Tippi Toes! It is the talk of the town! I can't wait! I just bought my ballet shoes today!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Okay...YES...I am a freak!

I really think I am a freak when it comes to my son Will! I swore I'd never be one of those moms...but I have officially become one. I do have to say it has gotten a wee bit better as he's gotten older! Please tell me if any of you ever experienced this.......
I brought him home from the hospital and although I loved him dearly, the whole experience was terrible! I was in utter panic mode every second of every day thinking he was going to die! Really!! I was freakishly scared to leave him with anyone other than my mom.EVERYTHING had to be done perfectly or I thought he would die. I can't remember, for the life of me, ANY important events that took place for about 6 months. I was a wreck... and sometimes still am. Poor can only imagine!(thats all I will say to that)I sure am glad that stage is over.
Will is starting Mother's Day Out at Yorktown Baptist Church. I know MDO is the best for both of us and I am TRULY ready for it, yet nervous! Am I still a freak???? Why can't I be like other moms that have no problem leaving their children with others? I yearn to have a peace like they do. I know, I know, I just need to give it to God. Let him take the anxiety away from Will and I! UGHHH! any advice?

Monday, August 27, 2007

Do you really know me???

I hardly ever do these, but someone sent this to me and I thought it would be fun to see what you all would say. just copy this and paste with your answers in the comments.

Where did we meet:

Take a stab at my middle name:

How long have you known me:

Do I drink?

What was your first impression of me upon meeting:

Color of my eyes:

Do I have any siblings:

What's one of my favorite things to do:

Do you remember one of the first things I said to you:

What's my favorite type of music:

What is the best feature about me:

Am I shy or outgoing:

Am I a rebel or do I follow the rules:

What's your favorite memory of me:

Any special talents:

Would you consider me a friend:

How many children do I have:

If there was one good nickname for me, what would it be:

If you and I were stranded on a desert island, what is one thing that I
would bring:

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Grandma is resting!

Well surgery is over and I tell you, the worst part for me was the anesthesia. She is 86 yrs old and that scared me more than anything. She made it through and is resting better than she has in 2 years. Probably from the morphine, but who cares! at least shes getting relief. The surgeon said that he was able to fix part of her spine, but was not able to fix the lower part completely. So we will see how much she improves in a couple of days or so! I am excited to see the improvement.He even mentioned her getting back to being independent in her home. Whoa, talk about complete shock! Thanks for all your prayers! He sure heard them!
I am so excited to keep in touch with my friend amanda! She is so much fun and anxiously awaiting the arrival of her baby boy! Go welcome her to the blog world!


This is going to be very short as I have to go to the Hospital.... My grandma is having surgery on her spine today at 3:00. Please say a quick.. or long.. prayer for her and the procedure, that it will relieve her of pain. This is what we wanted for her and I just praise God she is a candidate! I will update you as soon as I get home!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My sweet Grandma

This is something that My family has been dealing with since April.
My sweet independent, fun loving, sharp as a tack 86 yr old gramdmother fell in her home back in April and could not get up. My dad called her several times throughout that day to check on her, but figured she was out and about. (She still drove) When he still did not get an answer that evening, he went to find her on the bathroom floor with her feet tangled up in her toilet seat. He drove her to the ER and she had a 2 week hospital stay. She has Osteoperosis and her spine has compression fractures in 3 different places. Well, with physical therapy and treatment for a UTI... she was able to go home to my dads house. Her house is too dangerous. Growing up in the great depression era, she saves EVERYTHING! You can't even walk through her house. Anywho...We got her an apartment in a senior community and quickly found out that she needs something more. she has fallen 4 times since going there and we have had to take her back to my dads. she needs constant care and we are just having to take shifts. Her falls have caused her spine to deteriorate more! It is so sad to see her in so much pain! I am guessing she feels like she is in labor 24 hrs a day. So sad. She is physically and mentally exhusted. She has a MRI today which will tell if she is a candidate for this procedure where they inject a foamy substance between the vertebrae and should give her some relief. Please pray for that! She thinks after this procedure she will be driving again. WOW! What faith! Although she will probably not drive again, I am praying that this procedure will releave her of pain and give her a break.It is so hard to know the steps to take when your parents or g-parents can't take care of themselves. We don't want to prematurely do anything (nursing home).She deserves more than that; however we all have jobs and kids and we can't afford to take more time off.We need assistance. Plus we want to have a good quality relationship with her in her final years. She also falls into the "middle man" bracket where she can't afford private care, yet makes too much for government assistance. Her insurance wont provide a provider! If anyone knows where we can get some affordable assistance, please let me know. There has got to be some hidden things out there that we just don't know about.

Friday, August 17, 2007

High School Meme

I copied this from someone's blog and thought it would be fun(and a little embarassing) to share!


1. Best friends in high school? Brandey, Niki, Analisa,Jenny,Mike,Scott,Wyndi. We had a large group of friends of which we all still keep in touch!

2. What sports was I in? CHEERLEADING... I don't care what anyone says... it IS a sport! Go Hornets... Sting em!

3. What car did I drive? I did not have a car. I bummed rides off people! I occasionally got to take my mom's car to HEB.

4. Where am I Friday nights? Football games, and PARTY, PARTY, PARTY! My how things change!

5. Was I a party animal ? YEPPERS! I am so suprised I never got into major trouble!

6. Was I considered a flirt? Not really.

7. Was I in band, orchestra or choir? Freshman year-Marching band ; Senior year-Show Choir! LOVED IT!

8. Was I a nerd? I don't think so.... Got Sophomore class fav, and most friendliest my senior year!

9. Was I suspended or expelled? No...But I got Detention for sleeping in class and cried when I was sent to the principal's office.

10. Can I sing the fight song? OH YES! and still know the dance routine too! My sis and I still do it occasionally!

11. Favorite teacher? Mrs A

12. School mascot? Hustlin Hornet

13. Did I go to prom? Yes, My best guy friend and I swore to each other in the 8th grade that we would go together no matter what; however he had a girlfriend our senior year and I let him off the hook.

14. Would I go back to school? Well, I had a BLAST and would do it again in a heartbeat, but would do a things a little different.

15. What do I remember most about graduation? There was a TERRIBLE storm that came through and everyones cars got stuck on the way there! People were outside trying to push their cars to high ground. Thank goodness my stepdad had a big truck and he dropped me off at the entrance!

16. Where was I at senior skip day? At the beach - JP Luby.

17. Did I have a job? Babysitting!

18. Where did I go for lunch? Pizza hut in the bluff or Burger King, El Popo(cheesy little mexican rest on NAS) or Taco Bell on Nile.

19. Have you gained weight? Yes a little, but My har is definetly better now. I had a Lion Mayne and I also looked like a cobra.

20. What did I do after graduation? Moved to Austin and started school at Austin Community College. Moved home 6 months later.

21. What year did I graduate? 1992

22. Who was your senior prom date? Mike Farah

23. What was the most shocking thing you did in high school? The night before Senior skip day, TP'd the school and got caught by the police. It was really bad! We shoe polished all over the windows and stuff. Well, they made all of us line up and step forward one by one and state our name... all being video taped by another police officer! We also had nailed nails in all the door locks so that the doors would not open the next day for school.... The replaced locks came out of our Prom fund! TERRIBLE STUFF!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Can I get a Woot woot?

Bryan has been saving to buy me a washer and dryer for christmas(my current dryer leaves rust marks on everything...Blahhhh) We were told about this site and were able to get it WAY before christmas because it was almost half the price! It is so much better than the ones we were saving for. They were delivered today and I can't wait for Bryan to set them up and and try them out! YAYAYAYAYAY!
If you have never heard of It is the single most cool website I have ever been to! Apparently it is some sort of clearinghouse. It has a single item for a blow out price for only one day! Everyday it is something different.
I think today it has a 42' flatscreen TV for 799.00. What a deal! Go check it out!!!!!

Spray-On update

Well....The results are in.....Although my ankles and wrists are splotchy.....The tan actually came out great! I would definetly recommend it to anyone; however I would try it several times before an actual event. Just to get the hang of how to even out the Ankles and wrists! So overall, I was happy!
The Wedding was absolutely beautiful! Will did such a great job as "ring bearer" I wish I had pictures, but we were all in the wedding so I didn't get any shots! hopefully I will get some emailed to me. But it was so much fun and I think Brooke had a blast!!!! So much so that after the reception was over, she wanted everyone to go to her parents house to keep the party going!~ Of course we were all exhausted and declined (plus, it was their wedding night! if ya know what I mean!). Whew, what a success!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Barbie? or Cheeto?

So....I just had to post this!
With all the preparation for this most special wedding, I forgot that I am as white as a ghost! I had skin cancer removed from two places on my body a couple of years ago so I try to stay away from the sun and tanning beds(YES TANNING BEDS CAUSE SKIN CANCER TOO!)

anywho... I have heard some good and some bad things about this Mystic Tan thing, so I went to the tanning salon to check it out. The girl at the front desk will be a great sales woman when she graduates from college. I was convinced that this was going to be my quick fix! The process was not hard! you just walk into a little booth and this machine sprays you from top to bottom! It was great! She told me I wouldn't see full results until tomorrow, but......Oh MY WORD.......I am so dark already!!!! Well....if I get any darker than this.....I will either be a barbie or a cheeto for the wedding. Poor Brooke, This could be bad! Please pray for me....Yikes:)

Let the Weddings begin!!!!!

Well..... Love is in the air this summer! My husband Bryan is a pastor and has been asked to do 7 weddings this summer and I am in 2 of them. Needless to say, our weekends are booked starting now.

My cousin Brooke is getting married this Saturday and I am so excited for her! It's gonna be such a cool wedding. Her style is so unique! We have the most precious bridesmaid dresses and hers is absolutely so sweet and flirty!! I will post a picture of it when It's all over.

I can't believe she's getting married! She is my sweet cousin that I used to babysit every weekend and my baby girl is all grown up! Geeze, I'm getting old!!!!!!!!

Can't wait to share ! until Monday..... Here is a pic of her with her fiance and parents at our family reunion. Brooke is on the left.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

My "sweet" lil boy!

YAY! It's working! So I guess I'll just jump on in!
Life is so good right now and at the same time so incredibly hectic. I am having a hard time finding a schedule or routine these days.

I have to say this stage of my son, Will's life is the most challenging so far. He is just now starting to get defiant and dicipline is so hard at this stage. I know he knows more than I give him credit for, but does he truly understand that when I take him outside of a restraunt to scold him... that I am actually scolding him???? NO! He just laughs and points to the cars and says,"beep beep!" SO FRUSTRATING! and he actually likes "Time out." When he does not get his way and starts to throw a fit......we will say"No No Will, we do not act that way!" Well... He just mosies on over to his designated time out spot and just sits there and enjoys it! UGHHHH! Does anyone have a manual on how to dicipline a 18 month old????

All in all he is a very sweet boy and so precious to boot! I think I'll show him off a bit....

This was his first haircut!

First Potty on Pot!

Playin in the sprinkler!
Okay... thats enough for now! Until next time!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Hello Blog World!

Well... I am going to try to attempt this whole blogging thingy! Everyone else is doing I will give in to the peer pressure and jump right on in. I am not sure I am even setting up things correctly, so I may need some tips Susie!!!!!
I want to see if this is all working correctly before I start to post, so shoot me some comments if it is!
So excited to start this!