Thursday, August 9, 2007

Let the Weddings begin!!!!!

Well..... Love is in the air this summer! My husband Bryan is a pastor and has been asked to do 7 weddings this summer and I am in 2 of them. Needless to say, our weekends are booked starting now.

My cousin Brooke is getting married this Saturday and I am so excited for her! It's gonna be such a cool wedding. Her style is so unique! We have the most precious bridesmaid dresses and hers is absolutely so sweet and flirty!! I will post a picture of it when It's all over.

I can't believe she's getting married! She is my sweet cousin that I used to babysit every weekend and my baby girl is all grown up! Geeze, I'm getting old!!!!!!!!

Can't wait to share ! until Monday..... Here is a pic of her with her fiance and parents at our family reunion. Brooke is on the left.

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