Wednesday, August 8, 2007

My "sweet" lil boy!

YAY! It's working! So I guess I'll just jump on in!
Life is so good right now and at the same time so incredibly hectic. I am having a hard time finding a schedule or routine these days.

I have to say this stage of my son, Will's life is the most challenging so far. He is just now starting to get defiant and dicipline is so hard at this stage. I know he knows more than I give him credit for, but does he truly understand that when I take him outside of a restraunt to scold him... that I am actually scolding him???? NO! He just laughs and points to the cars and says,"beep beep!" SO FRUSTRATING! and he actually likes "Time out." When he does not get his way and starts to throw a fit......we will say"No No Will, we do not act that way!" Well... He just mosies on over to his designated time out spot and just sits there and enjoys it! UGHHHH! Does anyone have a manual on how to dicipline a 18 month old????

All in all he is a very sweet boy and so precious to boot! I think I'll show him off a bit....

This was his first haircut!

First Potty on Pot!

Playin in the sprinkler!
Okay... thats enough for now! Until next time!


Susie said...

The mohawk is the best! He is such a cutie pie, and I can tell you are loving every minute of being his mommy.

Lacy said...


Wil is soooooooo cute. I remember those days...they get into everything within 10 seconds while your head is turned the other way.
Ryan used to like to dig in the dirt in my potted plants in the house. Enjoy every minute you have with him. It goes by so fast.
But, I do have a manual..since you asked:
"Creative Correction" by Lisa Welchel.
It is Christian based parenting book that uses a toolbox and scripture to tackle parenting issues. There is also a section for toddlers. I highly recommend it. Picked it up at Family Christian. I have used it numerous times!
Hope that helps!

Twisting His Arm said...

Your son is ADORABLE!!! He sounds like a handfull but I think they all are at that age!!!

amanda said...

Isn't toddlerhood fun! haha!! It has begun, yes the terrible two's are on the way!! Riley is the same way!! At that age she did the same thing with time out. She would do something and then go to her corner and sit there. I was like, well this is so not going right!! but things are changing, still hard but changing! :) Its so funny and at the same time so frustrating! They want to be such individuals it makes them stubborn and hard! But I always sit back and have to laugh, even if I didn't at that moment! How is Will's potty training coming?

DA Wagners said...

Oh my Gosh!!! He is such a cutie! Did he just become a toddler over night?