Saturday, August 25, 2007

Grandma is resting!

Well surgery is over and I tell you, the worst part for me was the anesthesia. She is 86 yrs old and that scared me more than anything. She made it through and is resting better than she has in 2 years. Probably from the morphine, but who cares! at least shes getting relief. The surgeon said that he was able to fix part of her spine, but was not able to fix the lower part completely. So we will see how much she improves in a couple of days or so! I am excited to see the improvement.He even mentioned her getting back to being independent in her home. Whoa, talk about complete shock! Thanks for all your prayers! He sure heard them!
I am so excited to keep in touch with my friend amanda! She is so much fun and anxiously awaiting the arrival of her baby boy! Go welcome her to the blog world!


Twisting His Arm said...

That is so awesome!!! Keep us posted on her progress.

Canadian Bird said...

Hi Leslie...
I'm so glad your Gram is doing good & came through the surgery safe n' sound! I'll continue to pray for relief of her pain as her inflammation subsides & she sees where things stand.
Keep us posted!

DA Wagners said...

Very cool! I love that we live in a world of healing! God is good!

Amanda's World said...

I am so glad she is resting and doing well!!! YA!!! Thats great and I am sure a big relief for your family!
Thanks for the welcome! I sure do miss yall!!! I saw the video clip of Lauren singing and it was awesome!!! I hope they keep posting music clips! i want to hear you too!! :)
miss ya!