Saturday, May 31, 2008

Check it out!!!!!!!

My husband is back up and running in the Bloggity world. He has a GREAT question for you all! Please visit his blog and comment!

YAY for Bryan!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


To all who are praying for our sweet Will,

First of all, we would like to thank each and every one of you for your thoughts and prayers. My heart is warm just knowing there were people I didn't even know praying for our little guy. It is such a blessing to have family and friends that shower us in prayer! The Lord truly hears them. We are blessed beyond belief with such a beautiful child.
This has been a LONG 8 weeks of testing and waiting. I am so glad to be over with it. For those of you who have not gotten an update, here is our latest news:
Cat Scan was all clear
Kidneys were all clear
Eyes and retinas were all clear
Genetic blood tests were all normal!!!

Praise God!
Our Neurologist said that 80% of the genitic blood test picks up a positive diagnosis, the other 20% that is negative, the person either does not have it, or the gene was not strong enough to be detected. so we will never have an answer on whether or not he has this disease. We do know that the Shagreen patch on his back is closely associated with the disease, but in some cases is not at all. We are believing that will just has a weird patch of skin on his back and it is NOTHING else.

Anywho, with Tubular Sclerosis, tumors can start to grow later in life and since we don't have a difinitive answer, Will is probably going to have to go through these series of tests once a year, probably forever. Every year that the tests come back clear, it is unlikely that he has TS.
We have a follow up appoiintment with his Neurologist on June 12th. Probably to discuss the plan. As of right now, I believe we are clear to have more children.
We are so happy and elated with this news. Please continue to keep our Will in your prayers as we hope nothing EVER arises from this Shagreen patch. Again, thank you all!!!!!!!!!!

Love- Leslie & Bryan Fiscus

Friday, May 23, 2008

This and That

Been on the go constantly! Here are some random pics:

This was at Monica Carrion's graduation party. He looks like such a big boy here!

This was before Ace Bernal's first b-day.

Oh My, how we grew to LOVE mother's Day out. This was his last day of "school."
P.S.... We still do not have the results of his genetic blood test back. Should be coming in anytime.

My husband gets to preach on Father's Day at church.

Well, thats about it!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My baby is all grown up!

My baby brother, Rex, is graduating High School next week and I am the proudest big sis ever! I love him as if he were my own child!!!!!! Here are a list of things that make me so proud it hurts (tear drop):

1. He is a Christian who is not ashamed of his faith and is not afraid to share it with others! Does that mean he is perfect? No, he is human!

2. He is a natural leader! He is one that friends go to for advice. His peers and teachers love him. and always have since he was in Kindergarden. There is something special about that kiddo!

3. The boy has been through a number of VERY traumatic events and seems as if he never went through anything. No victim mentality with Rex!

4. He has had every opportunity to make bad decisions and for whatever reason has not given in to peer pressure! He is stronger than I ever was! I think he is respected by his peers for that!

5. Rex is a phenominal drummer! I am not kidding when I say phenominal! If you don't believe me, he will be playing with the Element Student Church band before the hooks game at Whaterburger Field on June 10th ! GO SEE FOR YOURSELF! He could easily play with any band on the radio.

senior picture! Ahhhh..... so good looking!

Homecoming Court!

Drumming at a show!

us at christmas!

Oh, did I mention that he is a Great Baseball player! Well, he's about the best I've ever seen!

I LOVE YOU REX! You are Amazing and I am so proud to call you my brother!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

baby Miller update

Hey guys... I just got this email from Baby Miller's mom......

first of all, thanks to everyone who either called, emailed, visited, prayed or thought about us this last week. this has been quite an experience and looks like this is just the beginning of our journey.
just wanted to send a quick update on miller and i will try to give the cliff's notes version.

we were released from the hospital on monday after being in neonatal icu for 6 days. the diagnosis is that he has a congenital heart defect. tetralogy of the fallot --- that is the clinical name of his defect, and it involves 4 abnormalities of the heart. basically to put it in simple terms, he has a hole in his heart between the left and right ventricles (a murmur) and he has an obstruction in his pulmonary artery...both of these must be repaired. so, we are on schedule for open heart surgery in the next 6 months or so. we are on weekly visits to the cardiologist and the pediatrician so he is being closely monitored.

the good news in all this is that his condition can be repaired with surgery. of course, open heart surgery scares us beyond fact i have not even allowed myself to think about the surgery at this point...we are just taking it one day, one hour at a time.

so for the next 6 months our job is to keep him healthy and get him to grow strong for his upcoming surgery. we are trying to train his brothers not to kiss on the face and to scrub down with purell every chance they get. we are basically on self-imposed house arrest as to avoid exposing Miller to any unnecessary germs.

he is beautiful and huge...he weighed in at an amazing 9lbs 5!
please keep us in your prayers as our journey unfolds. it is out of our hands and we trust that the good Lord knows what He is doing.
again, thanks to everyone for all of your thoughts and prayers and please keep praying...we are not out of the woods yet!

heather, matt, tyler, maverick and miller schomburg :)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Please continue your prayers and pass on!

I just recieved this from Heather's friend. Oh how my heart aches for her. This is the friend that went to San Francisco(earlier post) with us. She was 3 months pregnant when we went. Please pass this on.

Hello everyone,

I just am amazed at how much access God gives us to His love and encouragement and comfort at times like these and others. We never realized how many connections (churchwide) we have all over this area. That baby had over seven churches praying for them last night and fortunately the hard nights to come.

As far as we know, I spoke with Heather late last night and she is breaking down. She's hurting from the C-section, she's having to pump all the time, she doesn't understand all the information that's being thrown at her about the baby's condition...she's exhausted! The baby has three different congenital heart defects...two of which she could roughly explain and the other she doesn't know much about. First is a large mur mur (hole), the second is some sort of double ventricular defect where there are two arteries coming out of the same side of the heart??? It is not a matter of "If" the baby will have surgery it is when. Luckily he is healthy and as of right now, not on any machines, O2 or supportive tubes!!! His breathing is stable and he is eating and sleeping well. In other words, best case scenario and probably healthy enough to go ahead with the surgery soon. Heather and Matt are staying in the Ronald McDonald house next to the hospital and the cardiologist told them to "Settle in", it would be at least two weeks! Know they still have the other two boys at home. Please, please keep praying and I will do my best to keep you abreast of the situation! She did mention that the doctors should be in and have a decision about surgery (hopefully) by noon today.

Thank you for your love and commitment to God. Thank you for praying!

Bren <><

Please be praying

My friend Heather had a baby boy on Monday the 5th. He was born over 9 lbs and was a very healthy boy. His name is Miller. After his birth the doctor discovered a heart murmur. Heather was actually born with one too so she didn't think anything of it. After some additional testing yesterday the doctors in Katy found a hole in Miller's heart. He was halo-flighted to Houston's Childrens Hospital. Heather was released early to join Miller.

Specialists today will conduct more testing and heart surgery will be performed either today or tomorrow. PLEASE pass this on to everyone. This young sweet family needs all the prayers they can receive right now.

Thank you!

Monday, May 5, 2008


We DON'T have a problem!
We took Will to Houston to have his Retina's checked and praise God everything is great with his eyes. This whole "eye appointment" thing has been an issue.
We were referred by our Neurologist to the local Pediatric Ophthalmologist (yes, Corpus only has one) We were told, literally 7 people, that he was not a very nice man and that they would never take their child back to him. Bryan and I thought to ourselves that if we took Will there and had a bad experience, it would be our own fault because we were warned. Plus, we would never want to put Will through a "not so kid friendly" appointment again!
We were referred by a friend to Houston Eye Associates. They were great with Will (and us). Even though he Freaked out! Dr. Gonzalez assured us that his eyes were normal and that he wanted to see him in 6 months. YES! the drive was worth it!