Thursday, May 8, 2008

Please continue your prayers and pass on!

I just recieved this from Heather's friend. Oh how my heart aches for her. This is the friend that went to San Francisco(earlier post) with us. She was 3 months pregnant when we went. Please pass this on.

Hello everyone,

I just am amazed at how much access God gives us to His love and encouragement and comfort at times like these and others. We never realized how many connections (churchwide) we have all over this area. That baby had over seven churches praying for them last night and fortunately the hard nights to come.

As far as we know, I spoke with Heather late last night and she is breaking down. She's hurting from the C-section, she's having to pump all the time, she doesn't understand all the information that's being thrown at her about the baby's condition...she's exhausted! The baby has three different congenital heart defects...two of which she could roughly explain and the other she doesn't know much about. First is a large mur mur (hole), the second is some sort of double ventricular defect where there are two arteries coming out of the same side of the heart??? It is not a matter of "If" the baby will have surgery it is when. Luckily he is healthy and as of right now, not on any machines, O2 or supportive tubes!!! His breathing is stable and he is eating and sleeping well. In other words, best case scenario and probably healthy enough to go ahead with the surgery soon. Heather and Matt are staying in the Ronald McDonald house next to the hospital and the cardiologist told them to "Settle in", it would be at least two weeks! Know they still have the other two boys at home. Please, please keep praying and I will do my best to keep you abreast of the situation! She did mention that the doctors should be in and have a decision about surgery (hopefully) by noon today.

Thank you for your love and commitment to God. Thank you for praying!

Bren <><


Alene said...

Thanks for passing this on Leslie. I'll be praying here! May God continue to work miracles in this precious baby and Will. Love you!

Twisting his arm said...

I will be praying for little Miller's heart! I am glad to hear that he is big and healthy despite his heart condition. I will also pray for Heather. Recovering from a C-section, pumping, and taking care of a little baby and other children must be SO DIFFICULT!!! I have tears in my eyes just thinking about it! Strength... I will pray that God gives the family an extra dose of strength!!!