Monday, May 5, 2008


We DON'T have a problem!
We took Will to Houston to have his Retina's checked and praise God everything is great with his eyes. This whole "eye appointment" thing has been an issue.
We were referred by our Neurologist to the local Pediatric Ophthalmologist (yes, Corpus only has one) We were told, literally 7 people, that he was not a very nice man and that they would never take their child back to him. Bryan and I thought to ourselves that if we took Will there and had a bad experience, it would be our own fault because we were warned. Plus, we would never want to put Will through a "not so kid friendly" appointment again!
We were referred by a friend to Houston Eye Associates. They were great with Will (and us). Even though he Freaked out! Dr. Gonzalez assured us that his eyes were normal and that he wanted to see him in 6 months. YES! the drive was worth it!

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Twisting his arm said...

That is TOTALLY AWESOME!!! Praise God!!!!