Friday, August 17, 2007

High School Meme

I copied this from someone's blog and thought it would be fun(and a little embarassing) to share!


1. Best friends in high school? Brandey, Niki, Analisa,Jenny,Mike,Scott,Wyndi. We had a large group of friends of which we all still keep in touch!

2. What sports was I in? CHEERLEADING... I don't care what anyone says... it IS a sport! Go Hornets... Sting em!

3. What car did I drive? I did not have a car. I bummed rides off people! I occasionally got to take my mom's car to HEB.

4. Where am I Friday nights? Football games, and PARTY, PARTY, PARTY! My how things change!

5. Was I a party animal ? YEPPERS! I am so suprised I never got into major trouble!

6. Was I considered a flirt? Not really.

7. Was I in band, orchestra or choir? Freshman year-Marching band ; Senior year-Show Choir! LOVED IT!

8. Was I a nerd? I don't think so.... Got Sophomore class fav, and most friendliest my senior year!

9. Was I suspended or expelled? No...But I got Detention for sleeping in class and cried when I was sent to the principal's office.

10. Can I sing the fight song? OH YES! and still know the dance routine too! My sis and I still do it occasionally!

11. Favorite teacher? Mrs A

12. School mascot? Hustlin Hornet

13. Did I go to prom? Yes, My best guy friend and I swore to each other in the 8th grade that we would go together no matter what; however he had a girlfriend our senior year and I let him off the hook.

14. Would I go back to school? Well, I had a BLAST and would do it again in a heartbeat, but would do a things a little different.

15. What do I remember most about graduation? There was a TERRIBLE storm that came through and everyones cars got stuck on the way there! People were outside trying to push their cars to high ground. Thank goodness my stepdad had a big truck and he dropped me off at the entrance!

16. Where was I at senior skip day? At the beach - JP Luby.

17. Did I have a job? Babysitting!

18. Where did I go for lunch? Pizza hut in the bluff or Burger King, El Popo(cheesy little mexican rest on NAS) or Taco Bell on Nile.

19. Have you gained weight? Yes a little, but My har is definetly better now. I had a Lion Mayne and I also looked like a cobra.

20. What did I do after graduation? Moved to Austin and started school at Austin Community College. Moved home 6 months later.

21. What year did I graduate? 1992

22. Who was your senior prom date? Mike Farah

23. What was the most shocking thing you did in high school? The night before Senior skip day, TP'd the school and got caught by the police. It was really bad! We shoe polished all over the windows and stuff. Well, they made all of us line up and step forward one by one and state our name... all being video taped by another police officer! We also had nailed nails in all the door locks so that the doors would not open the next day for school.... The replaced locks came out of our Prom fund! TERRIBLE STUFF!


Twisting His Arm said...

I love your most shocking memory!!! TOO FUNNY! I am kind of bummed I never got into trouble messing up my school (King)! I think the teachers have to TRY not to laugh!!!

Canadian Bird said...

Your "High School Meme" reminded me of mine more than anyone else's I read so far!
I couldn't think of a good shocking memory though. Yours reminded me of all the fun stuff we did on cheerleading trips...
Thanks for sharing! :)

April said...

Funny stuff leslie

Sohl Gal said...

Leslie, I think you and my sister are kindred spirits! The shocking memory is so unexpected! Made me laugh thinking about you in a line-up. Seems like a skit they'd do for a bump for BAF now.