Thursday, April 17, 2008

How 'bout.....


Will had a CT scan of his brain and ultrasound of his abdomen done yesterday. It was a traumatic experience for us all as we didn't have a very "kid friendly" radiology tech and they didn't give our little guy ANYTHING to ease his fear and anxiety. I don't understand why not, but, whatever...... Needless to say, we were anxious to find out the results, so I called this morning and left a message for them to call me back with results. Well......PRAISE GOD, both the scans were normal. The nurse probably thought I was a fruit cake as I just bawled my eyes out, shouting from the top of my lungs praising God and thanking him for NO TUMORS! OH what a glorious day. My baby boy's brain is okay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So... 2 tests down, Hopefully only 2 more to go. We have an ophthalmologist appointment coming up to check his retinas and we are still waiting on his genetic testing to come back. We are trusting the Lord that these tests will all come back clear as well. Please continue to pray for our sweet boy! Oh how I want to shout it to the world that GOD IS GOOD....ALL THE TIME....ALL THE TIME.... YES HE IS GOOD!
I just want to thank all of you all for showering Will with your prayers. We are feeling them and the Lord is answering them.
Our love to you all!


Alene said...

Prasie God! WOO HOO Awesome news! Yes, God is so good. We'll continue to pray for complete healing & great test results. Love you!

Twisting his arm said...

YAY!!! Praise God! That is TOTALLY AWESOME!!!

I am a little disappointed about the radiology tech not being kid friendly (at Driscoll correct?) Those test are extremely scary for anyone ESPECIALLY kiddos! Call the clinic before Will's next test and request that a Child Life Specialist be available for his appt. Or you can call the Driscoll Child Life program directly at 361-694-5048. They are wonderful at educating and calming kids before medical procedures and are normally available to anyone that requests them. By the way, Dr. Bobele is my most FAVORITE doctor in the world! I love him!!!

I will keep precious Will in my prayers.

ann said...

WOOHOOO! I'm rejoicing with you! Found you from Alene's blog :) Eagerly waiting to see what the other two tests say.

Ray, Jayme, Caeleb, Alaura & Hailey said...

That is great news! I am just sorry you had to have such a bad experience at the hospital. We will make sure to keep you in our prayers!

~April said...

love you guys! he's SUCH a doll!!