Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My baby is all grown up!

My baby brother, Rex, is graduating High School next week and I am the proudest big sis ever! I love him as if he were my own child!!!!!! Here are a list of things that make me so proud it hurts (tear drop):

1. He is a Christian who is not ashamed of his faith and is not afraid to share it with others! Does that mean he is perfect? No, he is human!

2. He is a natural leader! He is one that friends go to for advice. His peers and teachers love him. and always have since he was in Kindergarden. There is something special about that kiddo!

3. The boy has been through a number of VERY traumatic events and seems as if he never went through anything. No victim mentality with Rex!

4. He has had every opportunity to make bad decisions and for whatever reason has not given in to peer pressure! He is stronger than I ever was! I think he is respected by his peers for that!

5. Rex is a phenominal drummer! I am not kidding when I say phenominal! If you don't believe me, he will be playing with the Element Student Church band before the hooks game at Whaterburger Field on June 10th ! GO SEE FOR YOURSELF! He could easily play with any band on the radio.

senior picture! Ahhhh..... so good looking!

Homecoming Court!

Drumming at a show!

us at christmas!

Oh, did I mention that he is a Great Baseball player! Well, he's about the best I've ever seen!

I LOVE YOU REX! You are Amazing and I am so proud to call you my brother!


Twisting his arm said...

He sounds like an all-around great guy! Congrats on your graduation Rex!

Sharla said...

I remember when Rex was Rambo crawling after his surgery... I can't believe his is graduating...!! I'm not much older than Rex but I feel like I remember his whole life!!! I think there is the same difference between you and I as there is between me and Rex. I'm with you, can't believe he's all grown up!!

Alene said...

Now you have me squalling! Tear, tear, girl! Rex is an incredible guy. WOW God will do great things through him. Thanks for sharing such a precious post.

DA Wagners said...

Great pics! Love to see your siblings! I bet you were the coolest big sis!